Huca Food’s product brands have been highly appreciated and selected by many domestic and international users.

 Hucafood Vietnam ®

Instant coffee
Golden Weasel C7 – Golden Weasel

The taste of coffee is characterized by the perfect combination of instant coffee essence, botanical powder and sugar.

 Hucafood Vietnam ®

Premium pure coffee
Golden Fox C7

The difference of C7 is the source of the material. Invest in coffee farms, wet processing technology, screening and sorting.

 Hucafood Vietnam ®

High quality instant cocoa
Golden CaCao

One of the uses of cocoa is the main ingredient in making chocolate. Cocoa powder has long been considered a nutritious food

 Hucafood Vietnam ®

The pure coffee
Brown Weasel Brown Weasel

100% pure coffee beans, rich, aromatic coffee flavor

 Hucafood Vietnam ®

High quality

Weasel coffee

The digestive enzyme secreted from the weasel’s stomach creates a special taste of coffee during fermentation

 Hucafood Vietnam ®

Matcha premium milk tea
Golden Tea

Made from premium Matcha ingredients, blended with a unique recipe with a number of premium ingredients

 Hucafood Vietnam ®

Nutritious cereals
Golden Peacock

Your busy morning will be softer with cereals, you only need 5 minutes to prepare a nutritious and delicious breakfast.

 Hucafood Vietnam ®

Drying fruits

Dried fruits contain antioxidants polyphenols that have been linked to health benefits like improved blood flow, better digestive health.

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