Continuing Hucafood’s customer appreciation program

October 29th, 2019 Posted by Internal News 0 thoughts on “Continuing Hucafood’s customer appreciation program”

The last days of the year are adjacent to the New Year, all the roads from the countryside to the cities, everywhere are as beautiful as brightly decorated with flower lights. Everyone hurriedly completed the last work of the old year, preparing everything neatly for the upcoming new year. The demand for shopping on this occasion has also increased, leading to a sharp increase in orders sent to companies and production and distribution facilities.

With the huge demand of goods from all over the provinces, Hucafood Company is devoting all its power, the production workshops operate day and night to ensure each product promptly reaches consumers with quality. the best. Despite the busyness, the Board of Directors of the company still does not forget to prepare thoughtful gifts for its loyal customers across the country. Each gift is a sincere gratitude from Hucafood to the loving care and trust of customers during the past year.

Hopefully, with these practical gifts, Hucafood can have fun together and share a prosperous and full Tet with families. A new spring comes back, Hucafood would like to send good wishes, happiness and success to all customers who have been and will support new and quality products of the company.

Hucafood leaders presented refrigerators to customers


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