Eat a lot of dried fruit fat?

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Dried fruit is a healthy food for you. But if you don’t control your diet, dried fruit can have an adverse effect on health, causing you to gain weight very quickly …

Dried fruits have many beneficial health properties but cannot provide the full nutritional benefits of fresh fruit. Many people mistakenly believe that healthy fruit is just like how dried fruit also has such features. The main ingredient in fruits is generally vitamin C, water and antioxidants and a number of other vitamins. These substances will be lost when they are dried. The remaining substances are mainly sugar, some fiber, starch and some minerals. This is also shown right on the table of actual facts (Nutrition facts) in dried fruits that the manufacturer has information on the product packaging.

The energy content of dried fruits is also increased when the manufacturer adds sugar to increase the sweetness, keeping the product from drying out, always soft and pliable. In particular, the more covered with the concentrated juice as mentioned above, the more sugar there is. The reason, to make juice concentrate, people need to use a lot of sugar to fight fermentation, prevent mold; Add color and smell additives to avoid discoloration, deodorization.

Therefore, the amount of dried fruit is small, but can easily cause weight gain if you abuse. Your body has an excess of 3,500 calories to increase to 0.45 kg. Therefore, if you consume an additional 250 calories a day from dried fruits, you may gain 1 kg per month. The energy from the sugar in dried fruit is easy to digest, so it creates energy for the user’s body very quickly. Therefore, dried fruit is only suitable to address hunger quickly or for people with hypoglycemia. Because it produces a lot of energy, if you abuse dry fruits, your body will quickly convert this energy into fat, causing you to gain weight quite quickly.

Eating too many dried fruits will make you gain weight

Some dried fruits, especially sugary fruits, cause blood sugar to rise. These foods cause your blood sugar to skyrocket, making you feel energized quickly. After you reach the peak of your energy, your blood sugar quickly drops and you may experience low blood sugar, stunning, sudden fatigue.

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