Basic terminology about coffee

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Not everyone who grinds coffee knows the terms of this drink.

Please join us in “glossary” of coffee terms that you may not have known.

Acidity, Acidy, Acid- acidity

Acidity, along with flavor-flavor, aroma-smell and body-appearance, are the concepts used by coffee-testing experts. Acidity is a mild acidity, found in good coffee. The term is equivalent to pH, acidity or in many cases any component in coffee that causes indigestion, or restlessness for the drinker.

Aged coffee / Vintage coffee

Traditionally, coffee was kept in storage for a few years on purpose, sometimes by accident. This will reduce the acidity and increase the fullness (body) for coffee.

Arabica – Arabica coffee

The earliest cultivated coffee variety, and to this day, is still the most grown variety. 70% of coffee production in the world is Arabica. It is rated as more premium than the Robusta coffee variety.

Aroma – Smell

It is the aromatic aroma that is immediately smelled by brewed coffee. Good coffee made from fresh coffee (coffee beans not long after roasting) will have this smell.

Balance – Balance

A term used to refer to the taste of coffee, in which no property is superior to the other.

Barista – Coffee maker

An Italian term for espresso people who are trained and experienced.

Body – Plumpness

The feeling of fullness or fullness of coffee when drinking coffee.


An odorless, bitter-stimulating alkaloids in coffee and tea.


The general term for the fruit of the coffee tree. Each cherry has two coffee beans (beans) equally

Cupping – Try coffee

A procedure used by coffee testing experts to assess the quality of coffee beans. Many types of seeds were evaluated, each grinding into different cups and then water. Experts in turn tried hot and cold water. The standard procedure includes: taking a deep breath, then sipping sips of coffee so that it spills quickly into the underside of the tongue.

Clean – Clean coffee

A term in the process of coffee testing (cupping), used to refer to the type of coffee with pure flavor, not doped and not broken.

Complexity – Complexity

The term used to describe the type of coffee brings a sense of many layers of flavor, and the flavor changes, rotates, and also brings a sense of depth and resonance.


The light brown foam on the surface of an espresso is prepared from quality coffee beans.

Finish – The last taste

Feel the taste of coffee when swallowed. There are many types of coffee that give a relatively different impression of how it feels to take the first sip and how it feels when the coffee spills in your mouth.

Flavor – Flavor

Is a description of the acidity, adequacy and smell of coffee.


A commercial term used to refer to high quality Arabica coffee. In contrast, it is hard (hard) or inferior (poor).

Richness – Sufficiency

Is the fullness in flavor (flavor), fullness (body) or acidity (acidity).

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