Learn the process for producing dried fruit

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Nowadays, the process of producing dried fruits has become much more professional in order to preserve the nutrients in fresh fruits and prolong the preservation time of the products.


To understand the process of producing dried fruit we must first understand that drying is the process of separating water from fresh fruits to help them avoid damage during storage. Depending on the type of fruit we have different ways of drying, so a lot of drying techniques arise such as: spray drying system, contact drying system, fluidized bed drying system, vacuum drying method … Among the above-mentioned drying methods, the current method of vacuum drying is used by many businesses because it helps the fruits to maintain the current status and ensure nutrients.

From there, we can see that the process of producing dried fruits is more and more modern and advanced in order to enable people to enjoy delicious snacks without having to worry about the quality as before.

The process of manufacturing dried fruit greatly affects the quality of the product.

Besides, to help customers better understand the process of producing dried fruit, we would like to share some of the following steps:
– Step 1: Selection of fresh fruit, peeled, pasteurized.
– Step 2: Drying by vacuum method helps the fruit retain nutritious ingredients, safe for user health and preserve for a long time.
– Step 3: pack dried fruits according to strict quality control procedures.
It can be said that the production of dried fruit greatly affects the taste and freshness of the dish, so manufacturers need to follow technological processes to bring premium products to people. consumption.

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