The benefits of cocoa are not small

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Cocoa is an extremely safe beverage and has many health benefits. Nutrition experts recommend drinking 1 cup of hot cocoa 200ml every morning to have an effective working day and maintain good health.

Cocoa originated from Central America and Mexico, was discovered about 3,000 years ago. In Greek, cocoa means “food of the gods”. In the early 20th century, cocoa and chocolate drinks became a typical culinary culture of all Europe and popular all over the world.

Cocoa is a green tree all year round, small woody, 4-8m high, living in natural conditions can be 10-20m high. The fruits are often large, with variable fruits. Here are some of the great benefits of cocoa.

High nutrition

Many researchers have called cocoa powder as the new vitamin, which can have a positive effect on the heart and blood circulation. High concentrations of phenolic compounds protect the body against insects and pathogens. One can get the highest nutritional value when combining cocoa with milk products such as coconut milk, soy milk, rice milk, or even water.


Hot cocoa is rich in antioxidants. Scientific research has proven that cocoa contains the majority of the antioxidants found in green tea, black tea and red wine. However, you must understand that drinking cocoa when hot is also important.

Many antioxidants are released when cocoa is heated. The antioxidants in hot cocoa bring a lot of health benefits to humans. It helps prevent free cell stem cells that help fight a range of diseases as well as reduce the effects of aging. Drinking hot cocoa can also help you extend life.

Very rich in flavonoids

Cocoa is rich in flavonoids. It is considered a drug that helps the body process Nitric Oxide to assist in improving blood flow, reducing high blood pressure and improving heart health. Flavonoids also help prevent blood platelets from fusing together to form blood clots.

Limit diabetes

In addition, the antioxidant phenol – catechin when absorbed into the body, it will be consumed slowly, making insulin released regularly to stabilize blood sugar, completely harmless for patients with diabetes.

Spiritual excitement

The very small amount of caffeine in cocoa helps the cup that you drink every day have the same effect as coffee and green tea, helps you stay awake at work, reduce chronic fatigue syndrome due to stress or exercise. hard labor.

In addition, when drinking cocoa every day, polyphenols have the effect of improving the serotonin concentration in the brain, combating chronic fatigue and depression without causing side effects to the cardiovascular system, nervous system and not. as addictive as codeine.

Increased pleasure

Dr. Dora Akaunyili of the Nigerian Food and Drug Administration said that people who drink hot cocoa regularly every day will be stronger and more sexually excited by the chocolate ingredient of amphetamine. This substance in the body will transmit signals to the brain, stimulate the pleasure center in the cortex, increase secretion of sex hormones. If you’re having trouble getting a pillow, one cup of cocoa a day can help you improve your situation.

Helps improve memory

The British Daily Daily newspaper cited research results of scientists at Harvard Medical School (USA) said that epicatechin in cocoa brings many benefits to human health, so it is considered as a vitamin.

Research shows that people who drink cocoa rarely suffer from high blood pressure, and the rate of cancer, heart disease and stroke is also lower than those who rarely or do not drink cocoa. Experts believe that epicatechin works to improve health by improving blood circulation. It is also found in teas and some fruits and vegetables.

Relaxing drink

Hot cocoa is a great drink anytime during the day. You can drink it if you are tired due to the stresses of work and you will feel more relaxed. Before going to bed using a cup of hot cocoa will also help you fall asleep more easily.

Better than hot chocolate

Many believe that hot chocolate is better than hot cocoa. But did you know hot cocoa is made from virgin cocoa powder. Meanwhile hot chocolate is made from a part of cocoa powder and cream. Hot chocolate has a high sugar content but less fat and nutritional value than cocoa.

Skin beauty

For women over 30, cocoa helps restore skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and smooth skin. With flavonoid essence, cocoa helps protect collagen from being ruined by environmental pollution.

Cocoa and dark chocolate not only anti-aging but also help the skin very soft as baby’s skin, you will feel this when you apply a pure cocoa mask (from 50-70%) about 1-2 times. If you like, you can also use cocoa to exfoliate, then you do not need to use moisturizers.

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