Weasel Coffee 100% ferret coffee

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Ferret coffee or ferret coffee is the name of a special type of coffee, a beverage classified as the rarest in the world. This type of coffee is abundant in Indonesia, on the islands of Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi. The term Kopi Luwak is used to refer to a seed produced by the spotted palm civet. has penetrated into the worn rice husk crust, lightly absorbed into the coffee kernel that broke the flavor and taste molecules in the organic structure of the coffee bean.

Even if you are not a coffee connoisseur, you will certainly feel the difference in the taste of this coffee. With the passionate aroma of coffee mingled with the smell of chocolate, the smell of ripe fruit … Natural weasel coffee will bring you a feeling of refreshment, sublimation.

Refining the essence of heaven and earth, coffee beans from famous material areas such as Don Duong, Lam Ha, Duc Trong, Khe Sanh …. are screened, selected & processed by Hucafood into excellent products. … With extensive experience in the field of coffee production and the hard work of finding an esoteric method, Weasel Coffee 100% Weasel Coffee is the devoted child of the Hucafood team. Not only Weasel Coffee, but all our coffee products are strictly censored for food safety and hygiene, do not use any color or toxic chemicals. The product has been tested by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam and is granted an exclusive certificate by the Intellectual Property Department No. 175484.

Weasel Coffee 100% weasel coffee, the pinnacle of enjoying coffee. “Authentic – Premium & Class” masterpieces for connoisseurs.  

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